Lost Phone in Paradise

Before I started my new life in Melbourne I jetted over to Indonesia.  Truly paradise, filled with wonderful people, delicious food and mesmerizing beaches.  Every corner I turned there was a moment I wanted to freeze in time. Hence, the hundreds of pictures I took as I island hopped the archipelago. We started in Bali. Bryan Medina and Ruben Humphris were my traveling partners in crime.  Each of us with the inherent itch to explore uncharted territories according to us.

Just like a man desires a cold glass of water in the Saharan heat, I desire the exploration of new and exciting places. Bali was wonderful but the next unexpected stop on our journey was something more. We missed our boat that was traveling to the Gili islands, so instead we boarded a boat going to Lembongan island. Where we were headed I had no idea. About an hour being tossed to and fro with the ocean waves and plenty of salt water spray in my hair we arrived.

I think there are moments in life that blur the lines of dreams and reality as you conjure up a memory, wondering if in fact a moment actually happened or if you dreamt it.  My arrival to Lembongan island can best be summed up as that. As we approached the shore a tan, fit island man came to greet us. He was wearing only shorts and a smile on his face standing ankle deep in sapphire blue water. “Welcome to Lembongan island,” he said with a boisterous, booming voice. His voice embodied the paradise in which he lived…alive, tranquil and yet mysterious. His friendly face, perfect smile and kind eyes will forever be etched in my memory. Before I ever stepped off the boat and into the water I felt like I had made it to a destination I’d been trying to reach my whole life. I looked at Bryan and Rueben smiling, knowing they shared the same sentiments I did. We definitely boarded the right boat that day.

Normally this would be the part where I would let the pictures speak for themselves but this time is different.  Sometime over the three day span on the tiny island, I lost my phone that I’d used to capture paradise in image form. Whether it was lost on the hidden beach we found, while riding scooters around the island or taken from my bag while I was surfing I’ll never know. I’m sure it was some error of my own as this island invited me to lose all inhibitions and simply relax.

So all the pictures I took are now stored in my brain as memories. Maybe it’s better that way. I don’t think you can truly capture paradise anyways… it’s something that has to be lived. I also think the reason my time on Lembongan island was so great was because I was with the best of company.  It’s not always about the place but more about the people there who share in the experience with you. I will always remember the adventures I had in Indonesia with Bryan and Rueben and I look forward to the ones to come.

Luckily, I did send some pictures over text messages back home so two pictures were recovered. Life is short, have an adventure.

Panoramic View from the top of our hotel.

Panoramic View from the top of our hotel.

Rueben versus the shark on the wall.

Rueben versus the shark on the wall.


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