Mother Ganga’s Birthday Live

At this point in the trip my video camera was fried with no hopes of being fixed –believe me I tried everything to fix it and so many others tried to help as well.  Such is life and sometimes one has to improvise.  I started taking video clips on the canon eos rebel which actually provided me with some great shots.  The filming is a bit choppy but I think it’s a great way to experience Varanasi.  All the pictures and video I was able to take was because Chase Bray let me use his camera.  A very special thank you to him because this trip wouldn’t have been possible without him.  Enjoy the videos!






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One individual. Living in a big world. Interested in discovering everything and traveling everywhere. This blog depicts the places I've been, the places I dream of going and the places I will travel to. Life is short, have an adventure.
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1 Response to Mother Ganga’s Birthday Live

  1. rando says:

    Wow, you were there on such an unique day! The amount to people present is breathtaking. Beautiful experiences make great posts, love to see more.

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