I would love to go back to Amsterdam.  The people are friendly, everyone rides a bicycle and it’s an experience like no other.  One of my favorite memories in Amsterdam is getting lost with my best friend Holly.  We didn’t start the day out with the intention of getting lost but navigating your way through the streets isn’t always easy.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we just explored every part of the town.  To top it all off, I bought a carton of raspberries to enjoy while we wandered.  We did eventually find our way back home thank goodness.  A must do while in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum and a visit to Vondelpark.

Keizersgracht Canal Photograph by Ripani Massimo/SIME

Vondelpark Photograph by Stefano Amantini/Atlantide

Café 't-Smalle Photograph by Stefano Amantini/Atlantide

Van Gogh Museum Photograph by Stefano Amantini/Atlantide

Bicycle Transportation Photograph by Da Ros Luca/SIME

Neon Signage Photograph by Scott McDermott/Aurora Photos

Museum Vanloon Photograph by Riccardo Sala/TIPS Images


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