I never thought I would be making the 8,000 mile journey to India but now I have a plane ticket departing June 1, 2011.  I am meeting my wonderful boyfriend, Chase Bray, in New Delhi where he has been residing for the past 3 months.  I also will be making a documentary film while I’m there for school.  This will be an adventure of a lifetime and I’m so excited.  These photos are courtesy of Chase Bray that he has taken while he has been living in India and the last photo is the photographer himself.


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One individual. Living in a big world. Interested in discovering everything and traveling everywhere. This blog depicts the places I've been, the places I dream of going and the places I will travel to. Life is short, have an adventure.
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1 Response to India

  1. margala says:

    i love the last picture on the train. it looks like a hollywood movie scene and then there is the happy cow!!!!

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